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Scholarship available for foreign language majors, subject to funding, are listed below. Note that the list is not meant to be exhaustive, and, due to budget constraints, the scholarships listed are not necessarily awarded annually.

For all Foreign Language Majors

  • Antoinette Finke Forgivable Loan
  • Evans/Hsu/Kauffman Scholarship (undergraduate students only)
  • Scholarships for participating in the Summer Workshop on Foreign Language Teaching (junior, senior, and graduate students only)


  • (none available at this time)


  • The Paul Zee Lyons Memorial Scholarship For Chinese Translation Studies


  • The French Program Scholarships
  • Paris Scholarship for a student enrolled in the Summer Study in Paris Program


  • Dr. Anita Antler Scholarship
  • Robert Bosch Corporation Graduate Student Scholarship
  • German Educational Association (Arbeiterbildungsverein) Scholarship


  • Andreina Becker-Colonna Scholarship
  • The Italian Program Scholarships
  • The Leonardo Da Vinci Society Scholarships
  • The Lorenzo Turco Scholarship


  • The Toshiko Mishima Memorial Scholarships
  • The Japan Studies Scholarship(undergraduate sophomore, junior or senior students only)
  • Japanese Government Scholarship for Japanese Language Studies (undergraduate students only)
  • Japanese Government Scholarship for Research Students (graduate students only)


  • (none available at this time)


  • (none available at this time)


  • (none available at this time)

General Schlarship Information

Additional information on scholarships, loans, and financial aid can be found at the websites of the following university offices.